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Posted on Nov 1, 2013 by in Blog, Featured | 3 comments

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ONCETIME INVITES YOU TO TEST DRIVE  NEW SOCIAL NETWORK was started over 12 years ago to capture memories and house them in a library and archive for generations to come. When groups like Facebook started it left us with a policy decision. Whether to become like that or to preserve the original vision. We decided that both were needed in a digital world and we have since built on that premise being more of memory repository than a social environment. However, we know how important “social networking ” has become as a way to connect and share with friends and family.  At the same time we also realise that there are those who want a less invasive  way to communicate and perhaps not be a part of a massive public group. Many people who are not on Facebook would still like to be part of some online community and so we have been working to get just such a platform ready for you! We are still testing and therefore need your input and suggestions but we are also very pleased to give you a sneek peek at our latest member of the oncetime family ” Friends Of The “


Please go the site, register (free) and then explore the “GROUPS” section and see the suggested one’s we have or create your own. We want this to be your spot for travel memories, recipes, fun, photos too and by the way, we have all the features of FB – you can instant chat, message as well as use our skype video chat services to connect and lots more to come !

So now you can connect with family and friends who don’t want to be on those other networks 🙂 { and we most certainly DO NOT sell or own your information}






  1. Soooo happy to be reconnected to oncetime again..THANK YOU P.C.

  2. Would love to hear from some of my old students from Priory that I taught either in 5th grade or in Art. How I miss the life in Jamaica and would go back in a second if I had a job!

    The weather here in Georgia is not so nice as that in Jamaica. Other things I miss are the Orteniques, meat patties, the curried goat, etc. Yes, I’ll just admit it…. I miss the life in dear old Kingston Town!

    • a friend of mine Stephen Smith who went to Priory runs a website which you can go to and I’m sure be able to contact a few people, see link below

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