Oncetime.com started over 10 years ago as a photo sharing website for friends of Jamaica. It later expanded to the Caribbean and beyond.
Other content such as videos, jokes, articles etc. were added to the website and today it hosts a vast library/archive of various generations
who have a Caribbean background, who have visited or just love the tropically themed concept.

We welcome anyone who wants to share their content within the confines of our editorial policy(for details email editor@oncetime.com)

Oncetime has evolved and is now becoming a portal to house a variety of websites including photo sharing, social networking, travel and
shopping and as well rich media content like radio and webtv.

The founder PCHarris continues to develop new concepts to integrate the web with traditional media

We have attempted to list some of the names that have been instrumental in our development from infancy to our current re-launch. If we have left off your name in error, please send us an email so you may be added.


PC Harris – Founder and Editor
Philip Harris – Multi-media Design and Development
Brittany Harris – Content and Media Developer
Sanderson Layng – Advisory Board Chairman
Peter Curry – Web Advisory Board
Darryl Crawford – Graphic Consultant
Neil Dalhouse - Event & Communications Consultant
Wendy Harris – Finance and Administration

Supporters (Photo, Editorial and Advisory Contributions)

Suzanne Bradley Ince
Patrick Vaz
Wayne Harrison
Denise Inglis
Hugh Croskery
Michael Bird
Gord Loukes
Nigel Harris
Jason Johnston
Paul Virtue
Chris and Dave Barrell
Jillian Worton
Jason Worton
And all the folks who have sent photos and other content in over the years, we truly thank you.

Charitable Connections

We are also keen on contributing/promoting charitable causes that are complementary to our vision. These will be posted on the website on an on-going basis.

And last but by no means least we give thanks to the Lord Jesus for His blessings to preserve these memories for generations to come.